Join the West Ridge Fire Department

By becoming a member of the West Ridge Fire Department, you will have the opportunity to serve and volunteer in your community. The West Ridge Fire Department is one of the busiest fire departments in Erie County, averaging over 100 calls per month and over 1,200 a year.

By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills. Some of the skills include firefighting science, rescue operations, various levels of medical training, and numerous others.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Types of Membership:

Ready to Join?

If you are ready to join or would like more information on joining, feel free to complete the West Ridge Fire Department Volunteer and Part-Time  On-Line application

Benefits of Joining the West Ridge Fire Department

A Second Family and Life Long Friendships

At the West Ridge FD, you will find we become a second family to you.  Members of WRFD share a common bond to serve their community. You will have the chance to establish friendships that will last a lifetime. The West Ridge FD is an organization where you will feel rewarded for serving your community.

Training & Equipment

Members have the opportunity to attend local, regional, state or nationwidetraining FREE of charge. Training could include seminars, conferences or hands-on training with instructors. All required equipment is also provided.

Fitness Program

West Ridge FD participates in a program where if a member chooses to join a local fitness center, WRFD pays for 1/2 of the cost to join.

Quarterly Incentive

Every 3 months, the members have the opportunity to receive an incentive if they reach a certain point plateau. If enough points are earned by the end of the year, their name is entered into a contest for a cash prize.

Events Year Round

Every year, members along with their guests are invited to and always enjoy the annual rewards banquet held in the Fall season. Other events held throughout the year are a night out at the Erie Seawolves game, several picnics, and being able to participate in several parades throughout the year.

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