Commercial Pre Plan Project

The West Ridge Fire Department has begun a Pre Plan Project to help with the operational needs of the fire department.  This project allows members of WRFD to become familiar with the various and specific commercial businesses and facilities in the first due district.  This includes retirement homes, department stores, HazMat facilities, industrial facilities and much more.

In order for the fire department to complete this task fully, designated members contact the businesses and facilities to inform them of our goal.  The second step is to mail out a 3-page form that contains specific information that WRFD is looking for.  Once that form has been completed, a tour is scheduled.  During this tour, the designated members walk the business or facility with an employee, take pictures of utility locations or anything else that may help or hurt the fire department.  Also, during this tour, a floor plan is sketched out.  This floor plan allows the fire department to become familiar with the layout of the business or facility.

After all the information is compiled, the information is downloaded into the Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) located on the Chief's Vehicle, Engine 472, Engine 474 and Tower 479.  Since 2009, over 50 commercial businesses and facilities have cooperated with the West Ridge Fire Department in completing this task.  The ultimate goal is to have a pre-plan for all commercial and industrial facilities in the West Ridge Fire Department first due district.

If your business or facility would like to participate in this Pre Plan Project, a downloadable form is available below.  Another option would be to contact the fire department directly at