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Call Totals
2016 170
2015 1843
2014 1863
2013 1863
2012 1823
2011 1694






Engine 474 Assists with Cole Drive Fire

Tuesday, February 2nd - This afternoon, Engine 474, along with 48 (West Lake), 52 (Fairview), 54 (Girard), 92 (Millcreek Township) and 56 (Lake City) was dispatched to assist 50 (Lake Shore) with a residential structure fire on Cole Drive.  First arriving crews on scene found a 1 story residence with heavy fire and smoke coming from the back of the structure.  Engine 474 arrived on location behind Ladder 489, pulled a backup line and assisted 489's crew with fire suppression and search.  Crews had the fire under control in about 30 minutes and remained on location for several hours. Photos courtesy of West Lake FD and Erie, PA Facebook page (specifically Bridgette Martin).  

Volunteers Train in Large Area Search Operations

Monday, February 1st - This evening, Volunteers gathered at Station 46 to perform training on large area search operations.  With various large retain stores and manufacturing areas located within the first due district, this training can be very valuable.  The training began with a short classroom session explaining the fundamentals of a large area search, different way to perform a large area search and when the large area search would be needed.  Afterwards, crews moved into the dining hall to perform various techniques that were discussed in the classroom.

Early Sunday Morning Vehicle Fire

Sunday, January 24th - This morning just at 05:30am, WRFD was alerted for a vehicle fire in the 5200 block of West Ridge Road.  As Chief 460 was responding, Erie County 911 reported one vehicle on fire with exposure to a neighboring vehicle.  When Chief 460 arrived on location, he reported a working vehicle fire.  Engine 472, staffed with 5 Volunteers, arrived on location, found the vehicle between another vehicle and an apartment building and went to work on fire suppression.  The engine crew was able to knock down the fire within minutes.  While on location, crews had to battle 14 degree weather.  Crews cleared the scene around 35 minutes later.

School Bus vs Van Motor Vehicle Accident:  Sterrettania Road & Millfair Road

Wednesday, January 20th - This afternoon, units from WRFD and Millcreek Paramedics were dispatched to the intersection of Sterrettania Road & Millfair Road for a vehicle accident with entrapment involving a school bus.  As companies were responding, Erie County 911 reported that the driver of the fan, originally reported entrapped, was able to self extricate themselves from the van.  Once on location, crews assisted with patient care along with handled fluids and debris.  Fire Police shut down Sterrettania Road on both ends of the motor vehicle accident so crews could operate in a safe manner.  Millcreek Paramedics transported multiple patients to local hospitals for treatment.

Engine 472 Responds to Smoke in the Building

Monday, January 18th - This morning just before 02:30am, Engine 472 was dispatched on a 1st alarm assignment to assist 40 (McKean) on a report of smoke in the structure on Maplecrest Drive.  Engine 472, staffed with 5 Volunteers, arrived on location, assumed 1st due responsibilities and began investigating.  As the 472 crew was inside, the crew was met with moderate smoke banking about half way down.  A hand line was then deployed followed by an intensive search for the cause of the smoke.  With assistance from 48 (West Lake) and 42 (Perry Hi-Way), crews were able to determine the source of the smoke.  Crews did ventilate the structure and then turned the residence back over to the homeowner.  Crews did have to battle single digit temperatures along with moderate to heavy snowfall while on scene.  Crews remained on location for around 90 minutes.

Tower 479 Assists on Chimney Fire

Sunday, January 17th - This evening, Tower 479 was dispatched to assist 50 (Lake Shore) on a residential structure fire on Stockbridge Drive.  First arriving crews found a working fire in the chimney.  Tower 479, staffed with 5 Volunteers, arrived on location and was assigned to the 2nd floor to gain access to the attic to check for extension, which was negative.  The truck crew was then assigned to put the aerial in the air to access the top of the chimney and deploy the chimney sweep.  As companies were on scene, the area was experiencing heavy snow with white out conditions.  Photos courtesy of Lake City FD.

Engine 472 Responds to Residential Structure Fire in Kearsarge

Saturday, January 16th - This morning, Engine 472 was dispatched as part of a 1st alarm assignment to assist 44 (Kearsarge) on a reported structure fire on Heidt Ave.  Chief 440 arrived on location and reported light smoke coming from the structure.  Engine 442 arrived on location, went to work on the interior and found fire in the attic.  Engine 472 arrived on location and took position at the primary water.  As the chauffer was securing the primary water, the remaining manpower from 472 assisted interior crews with extinguishment, overhaul and salvage.  Other companies assisting were 36 (Belle Valley), 42 (Perry Hi-Way), 48 (West Lake), 68 (Kuhl Hose) and Millcreek Paramedic Service.

Vehicle Accident Off the Road with Heavy Entrapment

Friday, January 15th - This evening at 6:22pm, units from WRFD and Millcreek Paramedics were dispatched to the intersection of Zimmerly Road and Love Road for a reported vehicle down an embankment with entrapment.  Engine 474 arrived on location and found a pickup truck off the road, down a small embankment with the driver entrapped and a lengthy extrication ahead of them.  This was due to how the vehicle landed along with the position of the driver inside the vehicle.  Crews from Engine 474, Engine 472 and MPS immediately went to work on patient care and formulated a way to remove the driver.  Crews utilized sawzaws to remove the interior seats from the truck along with the driver side passenger door with the jaws of life.  Several rescue struts were also utilized to secure the vehicle since the vehicle was on the roof.  As companies were busy work, Command requested Rescue 444 from Kearsarge for the air bags.  Once 444 arrived on location, all of the manpower worked together to free the driver from the wreckage after about 60 minutes.  The driver was then loaded into a stokes basket and raised to the road side.  Millcreek Paramedics transported the driver to the trauma center for further treatment.

Fire Police Assist with Traffic Control on Interstate 90

Wednesday, January 13th - This morning, multiple fire departments and EMS Agencies responded to Interstate 90 in eastern Erie County for a vehicle accident involving between an estimated 35-50 vehicles.  Due to the magnitude of the vehicle accident, Interstate 90 eastbound had to be shut down.  Fire Police from West Ridge was dispatched to assist other Fire Police companies with traffic duties.  WRFD Fire Police along with Truck 477 was positioned on I-90 funneling east bound  traffic into one lane to exit I-90 onto Rt. 8 and the RED detour.  Additional WRFD Fire Police was positioned at the end of the exit ramp to direct traffic I-90 traffic south bound to follow the red detour as well.  WRFD Fire Police remained on location assisting with traffic duties until early afternoon.   

2016 Officers

Tuesday, January 12th - Below is a list of the 2016 Active Officers.  Each Officer has been assigned specific duties from training to record keeping to station duties to maintenance.  The Fire Chief and Assistant Chief positions are voted upon by the membership with the other Officer positions are appointed for a 1 year term.

Fire Chief - Dan Ouellet
Assistant Chief - Gerald DeRosa
Deputy Chief - Jim Rosenbaum
Deputy Chief - Andrew Kilmer
Captain - Gerald Hickin
Captain - Scott Laskowski
Captain - John Sorge
T479 Lieutenant - Beau Beach
E474 Lieutenant - TBD
E472 Lieutenant - Rob Gilbert
Fire Police Captain - Jim Jones, Sr.
Fire Police Lieutenant - Lou Becker
Safety Captain - Gary Carver
Safety Captain - Charlie Heffner


Sunday Morning Vehicle Accident with Wires Down

Sunday, January 3rd - This morning at 08:07am, units from WRFD and Millcreek Paramedics were sent to the 3300 block of Zimmerly Road for a vehicle accident rollover.  As companies were responding, Erie County 911 informed units to use caution as wires and an utility pole were down.  Millcreek Township Police arrived on location and reported 1 vehicle rollover with the vehicle entangled in power lines.  Penelec was then requested to respond to the scene to secure the power lines.  Crews did have to stand by on scene until Penelec was able to secure the power.  Once the power was secured, crews went to work extricating the patient from the vehicle.  Crews did have to put the rescue tool into service due to position of the vehicle.  After gaining access to the patient, they were removed through the rear passenger door.  The patient was then transported by Millcreek Paramedics to a local hospital for treatment.  Zimmerly Road remained closed for a lengthy time frame afterwards so Penelec would replace the utility pole and repair the power lines. 

2015...Another Busy Year at WRFD

Friday, January 1st - 2015 was another busy year at the West Ridge Fire Department.  Here are some of the highlights from this past year: 

(1) WRFD celebrated 75 years of service to the Millcreek Township community with a Firefighters Ball in February.
(2) 17 Part Time Firefighters were hired to staff Station 47 during the day.  This made WRFD the first firehouse in Millcreek Township to have paid firefighters on duty.
(3) A new Engine 472 was approved by the membership.
(4) Several Firefighters took part in a yearly tradition of playing in the Guns & Hoses charity hockey game.
(5) WRFD donated $2,200 to the Firefighter's Historical Museum.
(6) WRFD was recognized by the State Fire Commissioner's office as a Participating Department
(7) State Fire Commissioner visited WRFD

Wind Storm Keeps Volunteers Busy

Monday, December 28th - Late this evening, a wind storm blew into the area bringing 30-40 mph winds with gusts nearing 60 mph.  This made for a very busy night for the Volunteers at West Ridge.  From 11pm until 6am the next morning, crews ran a total of 10 calls.  The calls ranged from electrical hazards, downed trees, a structural collapse, fire alarms and citizen assists.  A breakdown of the calls is below:

11:10pm - Electrical hazard
11:44pm - Citizen Assist
12:10am - Electrical hazard near water
12:27am - Citizen Assist downed tree
12:36am - Electrical hazard near water
12:44am - Structural collapse (tree into a house)
01:28am - Fire alarm
02:42am - Electrical hazard
03:22am - Wires down
06:22am - Fire alarm

Many thanks to the Volunteers who were out all night responding to these calls.  These volunteers went with little to no sleep this night.  A total of over 50 weather related calls were handled by the Millcreek Township Fire Departments. 

Companies Respond to Reported Building Fire on West Ridge Road

Friday, December 11th - This morning, units from 46, 48 (West Lake), 50 (Lake Shore), 92 (Millcreek Township) and MPS responded to the 4100 block of West Ridge Road for a reported building fire.  Crews arrived on location and upon investigation, found fire that originally started on a rear upstairs deck with extension into the supporting structure and an adjoining wall.  Crews opened up the exterior wall and adjoining interior wall to check for extension, which was negative.

Residential Structure Fire on Tulane Ave

Wednesday, December 2nd - This morning, 46 along with mutual aid from 48, 50, 92 and MPS responded to Tulane Ave for a residential structure fire. Engine 474 arrived on location, found a 1 story residence with a working fire. The crew from 474 stretched an attack line into the house and made a quick knock down on the fire. Additional companies assisted with vertical ventilation, opening up and overhaul.

Both Engines Assist Lake Shore on Garage Fire

Saturday, November 21st - Shortly before 3pm, both Engine 472 and Engine 474 responded to 1800 block Clifford Drive for a garage fire.  Units from 50 (Lake Shore) arrived on location, found a working garage fire and went to work on suppression.  Engine 472 arrived on location, laid in from the hydrant and went to work assisting interior crews with pulling ceiling and opening up.  Meanwhile, the crew from Engine 474 assisted exterior crews with pulling siding away and checking for extension outside.  Companies from 48 (West Lake), 44 RIT (Kearsarge), 52 (Fairview) and MPS also assisted on scene.

West Ridge & Kearsarge Perform Engine and Truck Company Operations Training

Monday, November 9th - This evening, members from West Ridge and Kearsarge met at the training grounds behind Station 47 to perform engine and truck company operations.  The training included force entry, advancing hose lines, laddering, vent/enter/search along with search & rescue.  Multiple evolutions were performed allowing those in attendance the opportunity to work as an engine company and a truck company.  Tonight's training also allowed for several Firefighters who normally don't have Command of a fire scene the opportunity to be in command. 

West Ridge Fire Department Celebrates Another Year of Service

Saturday, November 7th - This evening, the West Ridge Fire Department celebrated another year of service by holding the annual banquet.  This year's banquet took place at the Perry Hi-Way Fire Department Social Hall.  After enjoying fellowship and a cocktail hour, everyone in attendance enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by the Millers, a local Amish family.  After the dinner, several years of service awards were presented.  Those earning years of service awards this year are Rich Pietron (5 years), Matt Exley (5 years), Gerald Hickin (10 years) and Jerry DeRosa (30 years).  Dan Ouellet was awarded the President's Award for his countless hours spent behind the scenes working on the part time paid staffing program.  Russ Moran was awarded Firefighter of the Year while Alex Seib earned Rookie of the Year honors.  Those in attendance then hit the dance floor to dance to music provided by DJ B-Lex.  Special thank you to the committee who spent time putting this year's banquet together.  Also special thank you to Edinboro Fire Department who provided staffing at Station 47 for the evening.

Engine 474 Responds to Afternoon Vehicle Fire

Wednesday, November 4th - This afternoon, Engine 474 responded to West 32nd St and Zuck Road for a reported vehicle fire. Deputy Chief 470 arrived on location and reported a working vehicle fire with everyone out of the vehicle. Engine 474 arrived on location, put the bumper line in service and went to work extinguishing the fire. The fire was knocked down within minutes. As E474 was working on putting the fire out, Fire Police handled traffic duties. Crews remained on scene for around 30 minutes. 

Engine 474 Assists Belle Valley On Afternoon Structure Fire

Wednesday, October 28th - This afternoon, Engine 474 was requested to assist Belle Valley along with units from 42, 44, 24, 48, 68, 26, 14, City Engine 13 and Millcreek Paramedics for a structure fire in the 6000 block of Footmill Road.  When the call was originally dispatched, ECDOPS was reporting entrapment.  First arriving crews reported a working fire.  Engine 474, staffed with 4 Firefighters, along with Chief 460 and Assistant Chief 461 arrived on location.  The crew from Engine 474 was tasked with performing vertical ventilation above the living room on the roof.  Once the vent hole was opened up, fire was observed coming from the vent hole shortly afterwards.  With fire through the roof, Command had everyone evacuate the structure and master stream operations were put into effect.  Once a bulk of the fire was knocked down, Engine 474 along with other crews reentered the structure to perform extensive overhaul along with checking for any hot spots.  Engine 474 cleared the scene about an hour later.  Some photos (used with permission) courtesy of Ray Stender.

Engine 472 Assists Station 44 with Vehicle Accident

Saturday, October 10th - This evening, Engine 472 was dispatched to assist Station 44 (Kearsarge) on a vehicle accident on Peach Street between Interchange Ave and Kuntz Road.  Station 44 and Millcreek Paramedics were originally dispatched to scene for a pedestrian vs automobile accident.  The vehicle involved in the accident ended up down into the creek bed of Walnut Creek.  Engine 474, staffed with 4 Volunteers, arrived on location and assisted crews already on scene with a person search for passengers from the vehicle that plummeted down the hill, which was about 15 feet straight down.  After a short search, the driver of the vehicle had already extricated themselves from the vehicle.  Meanwhile, Fire Police assisted with diverting traffic from Peach Street north bound through the Millcreek Mall parking lot. 

Engine 474 Wishing a Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, October 4th - Today, a local resident contacted WRFD via the Facebook page asking if a fire truck could stop by and make an appearance at their daughter's birthday party.  Well not to disappoint, Engine 474 was able to stop by for a little bit.  While at the birthday party, the children had the chance to sit inside the engine, see what equipment is carried and had the opportunity to squirt the fire house.  The parents were able happy to see the engine stop by.  Afterwards, the parents invited the crew inside to sign happy birthday and to enjoy a piece of cake.  The birthday cake was very impressive and tasted very good!!!

Volunteers Train on Truck Company Operations

Saturday, October 4th - This morning was a perfect day to do some truck company training.  That is what several Volunteers did.  Crews headed over to a structure that was going to be demolished at a later date for some training.  Once over at the drill house, crews worked on setting up Tower 479 for aerial operations, placing ground ladders, placing roof ladders, saw familiarization, vertical ventilation and other truck company functions.  Crews spent around 3 hours training.

Engine Responds to West 6th & Peninsula Vehicle Accident

Saturday, October 3rd - Tonight, several members staffed Station 46 while West Lake FD enjoyed a night off.  While staffing the station, Engine 472 responded to West 6th Street and Peninsula Drive for a vehicle accident with confinement.  Engine 472, fully staffed with 6 Volunteers, arrived on location, found 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage with 1 of the vehicles having the driver confined.  The rescue tools were put into service and the driver was extricated from the vehicle within 10 minutes.  Once outside the vehicle, the driver was tended to by Millcreek Paramedics Service.  As this was taking place, Fire Police handled traffic duties.  The engine crew then went to work on handling debris in the roadway.

75th Anniversary Open House

Sunday, September 27th - This afternoon, the West Ridge Fire Department opened their doors to the public for the 75th Anniversary Open House.  The weather was perfect for today's open house.  Those who stopped by had a chance to see various firefighting equipment and tools, try on some of the firefighting gear, talk to the firefighters, speak to representatives from the American Red Cross and Millcreek Township Emergency Management.  Fire Prevention material was also distributed throughout the day.  People also had the opportunity to tour various types of firefighting apparatus, watch as Firefighters rappelled down from the top of the firehouse, observe how fire crews work on a vehicle accident with entrapment.  Kids were given the chance to squirt water from a actual fire hose.  Stat Medevac (Lifestar) EMS helicopter even paid a visit and landed in the yard behind the firehouse.  Special thanks to Belle Valley FD, Lake Shore FD, Kearsarge FD, Millcreek Police, Millcreek EMA, Erie County HazMat, American Red Cross, Erie County Firefighters Association, and Stat Medevac who helped make our open house a success.  Special thanks to the Auxiliary who provided refreshments during the open house.

Saturday Morning Vehicle Accident

Saturday, September 26th - This morning shortly after 07:30am, units from WRFD and MPS were dispatched for a motor vehicle accident 4300 block of West Ridge Road.  Lake Shore Lieutenant 2 arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with minor to moderate damage.  Engine 472, staffed with 5 Volunteers, arrived on location and went to work securing the vehicles and handling fluids and debris while Millcreek Paramedics concentrated on patient care.  Truck 477 and Fire Police handled traffic duties.  Crews cleared the scene around 30 minutes later.

Corn Roast Held at the Picnic Grounds

Saturday, September 19th - Every couple years, Firefighters along with their families and friends get together for a corn roast.  This year's corn roast was held behind Station 47 at the picnic pavilion.  Although the weather did not cooperate in the beginning, eventually the heavy rain did move on.  Everyone who gathered got to pulled pork, sloppy joes, hot dogs, various side dishes and numerous desserts along with having the chance to mingle with everyone and enjoy some fire roasted corn.  Later on the evening, several people gather around the fire pit to warm up and enjoy each other's fellowship.

West 38th Street and Woodhaven Drive Vehicle Accident

Wednesday, September 16th - This evening, units were sent to West 38th Street and Woodhaven Drive for a reported vehicle accident.  Deputy Chief 471 arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate damage in the roadway.  Crews from Engine 472 and Engine 474 arrived on location and assisted Millcreek Paramedics with patient care along with handling fluids and debris.  Fire Police handled traffic duties.  Once the vehicles were removed from the roadway, units cleared the scene.

Millcreek Township September 11th Memorial

Friday, September 11th - For several years now, the fire departments that protect the Millcreek Township community have some together to remember September 11th.  This year was no different.  A giant American flag was hoisted into the sky by the aerial ladders from Tower 479 and Ladder 489.  The 2 raised aerial ladders are meant to represent the 2 World Trade Center towers.  Besides 479 and 489, various other fire apparatus was on display from Belle Valley, Lake Shore, Kearsarge and Erie Airport.  Several people stopped by while others honked their horn as they drove past.  Taps was presented by a lone bugler.  A local Honor Guard and a bagpiper were also present.

WRFD Tower 479 and EFD Tower 1 Hoist American Flag

Friday, September 11th - This morning, Tower 479 traveled down to the Blasco Memorial Library on Erie's bayfront to assist Erie Fire Department's Tower 1 with hoisting a giant American flag.  The flag was part of the memorial that was taken place at Erie's September 11th Memorial.  Part of the memorial includes a piece of World Trade Center steel.  There are also several informational placards on display.  There were several local speakers along with taps being played and colors presented by a local Honor Guard.

National Flag Foundation Presents WRFD & WLFD with Plaque

Wednesday, September 9th - At this morning Millcreek Township Supervisor's meeting, members of the National Flag Foundation presented West Ridge FD and West Lake FD with the Patriotic Spirit Award for displaying their 60'x80' American flag  in memory of those who passes away on 9/11/01 and for those who are currently serving.  Both fire departments were also presented with an American flag.

Porch Fire on Amherst Road

Tuesday, September 8th - This evening during the 9pm hours, units from 46, 44 (Kearsarge), 48 (West Lake) and Millcreek Paramedics were sent to the 4600 block of Amherst Road for a reported structure fire with multiple calls received.  Fire Police 4601 arrived on location and reported smoke conditions on the front porch.  Chief 441 arrived on location and reported that the fire appeared out.  Deputy Chief 471 arrived on location and assumed Amherst Road command.  Tower 479 arrived on location and went to work on opening up the outside patio checking for extension.  Additional manpower and companies stood by near the front of the structure or at the water supply.  Crews also performed ventilation and secured power to the front patio area.

WRFD Earn Participating Department Recognition

Saturday, September 5th - Recently, the West Ridge Fire Department was recognized by the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner's Officer as a Participating Department.  As a result of WRFD earning this recognition, these decals are able to be displayed on the apparatus for the next 3 years. 

Local Company Donates New Message Sign to WRFD

Saturday, September 5th - Special thank you to Signal-Tech on their donation of a new LED sign board to the West Ridge Fire Department.  The new electronic sign board replaced a sign where members had to change the messages on the sign manually.  Signal-Tech is a local company that specializes in LED manufacturing.

Tower 479 Attends Elks Lodge Family Picnic

Sunday, August 30th - Tower 479 traveled over to the local Elks Lodge this afternoon.  The truck was on display during the annual Elks Lodge family picnic.  Everyone in attendance had the opportunity to tour the truck, see what equipment is carried, the use of the tools and the chance to ask the crew questions.

Engine 474 Attends White Pines Block Party

Saturday, August 22nd - This afternoon, Engine 474 traveled over to the White Pines subdivision Block Party.  WRFD has participated in this annual event for the past several years.  While at the block party, the crew opened up a hose line so the children could run through the water.  Children and parents also had the opportunity to tour the engine and ask the firefighters questions.

Members Get Up Close With Various Building Construction Materials and Methods

Monday, August 3rd - For tonight's drill, WRFD traveled to downtown Erie to tour the Erie Insurance Technical Learning Center.  The learning center allows employees of Erie Insurance an opportunity to learn more about automobile accidents, automobile damage, building structure, building materials, how buildings are constructions and setup of rooms in both a business and residence.  Tonight's goal was to allow members the opportunity to see all of the various materials and methods on how a building is constructed.  Members were able to tour a multi story model residence.  Members also had a chance to see samples of the various materials and the way materials are constructed.  Special thank you to Erie Insurance to allowing WRFD to your their Technical Learning Center.

Vehicle Accident:  Route 20 and Asbury Road

Monday, August 3rd - This morning, crews were alerted for a vehicle accident at the intersection of Route 20 and Asbury Road.  Millcreek Paramedics arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage.  Engine 474 arrived on location and went to work on clearing the roadway of fluids and debris while Fire Police and Truck 477 handled traffic duties.  Once both vehicles and the debris were removed, all companies cleared the scene.

Tower 479 Responds to Commercial Fire in West Lake

Thursday, July 30th - This evening, Tower 479 responded as part of a first alarm assignment to West 15th Street to assist West Lake Fire Department for a reported commercial fire.  As companies were responding, ECDOPS informed that the sprinkler system had the fire extinguished.  Tower 479 arrived on location and the crew went to work on ventilation and removing burnt filters from an automated welding machine.  Tower 479 remained on location for around 60 minutes.

State Fire Commissioner Visits WRFD

Tuesday, July 28th - This afternoon, Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Tim Solobay paid a visit to Station 47.  Commissioner Solobay was in the Erie area today at the invitation of State Senator Sean Wiley.  Commissioner Solobay is in Erie today to hold a town meeting related to the fire service in Pennsylvania.  While at Station 47, Commissioner Solobay, Senator Wiley, Representative Ryan Bizzarro along with members of their staff had an opportunity to speak to the Volunteers and Part Time Paid Firefighters staffing the firehouse.  Commissioner Solobay was given a tour of the station along with Engine 474.  Commissioner Solobay was also given a brief explanation on how WRFD operates along with future plans and how the part time paid staffing became a reality.  Commissioner Solobay and Senator Wiley explained several legislative matters related to the fire service along with future ideas that both individuals have.  Special thank you to Senator Wiley's and Representative Bizzarro's office to bringing Commissioner Solobay to Station 47 today.  While in Erie today, Commissioner Solobay also had the opportunity to visit several Erie City fire stations, visit West Lake FD and tour the Firefighter's Historical Museum.

Morning Training Session at the Drill House

Monday, July 27th - This morning, part time and volunteer Firefighters proceeded over to the 5300 block of Old Sterrettania Road to train at the drill house.  Today's training consisted of a refresher on how to breach a wall and opening up walls and ceilings.  One of the Junior Firefighters who was staffing Station 47 today was also taught the fundamentals of breaching walls and ceilings, the tools needed and why it is done.

New Engine 472 Approved for Purchase

Monday, July 20th - At this evening's meeting, the membership approved the purchase of a new piece of apparatus.  The new Engine 472 will be a Sutphen Custom Pumper 6 person high rise cab.  The new engine will feature a Cummins motor ISL9 450 HP Allison Auto EVS 3000, all outside scene lighting to be halogen switched from cab 240 VAC 750 watt, 10k generator smart power mounted on top passenger side, 2 slide pole lights to be mounted at the rear of the cab with LED lighting, deck gun mounted on top (Akron Apollo high riser), 750 gallon water tank with 2000 GPM Hale pump, 2 side hose trays for 5" hydrant hookups, all emergency lighting to be LED, 2 hydraulic hose reels for rescue tools with slide out tray for port-a-pump, all compartment doors to be roll up, rescue tools on passenger side, fire tools on the driver side, back up camera, hard suction, electric ladder rack, hose bed to feature 250' of 3" hose, 1200' of 5" hose, and 250' of 3" hose for the blitzfire, 2 pre-connected 1 3/4" attack lines, 200' of hose in the front bumper, 25 gallon on board foam tank and many other features.  The projected delivery date of the new engine is May 2016.

Ladder 489 & Tower 479 Fly the American Flag

Friday, July 17th - Today, Tower 479 traveled down to the Bel Air Hotel to assist Ladder 489 with flying the American flag.  Both ladder trucks were requested to setup a huge American flag as part of the Thunder on the Isle motorcycle ride.  The Thunder on the Isle motorcycle ride was 1 of the many activities that took place during the annual Roar on the Shore & Bike Fest.  Both Roar on the Shore and Bike Fest are motorcycle rallies that took place this past week.  L-489 and T-479 took up position on the west end of the hotel and flew the American flag between both aerial ladders.  As over 500 motorcycles exited the parking lot, they rode under the flag with many of them waving, honking their horns and taking photos.

Vehicle Accident:  3400 block West 32nd Street

Wednesday, July 15th - After crews were clearing the gas leak, Engine 474 along with MPS were dispatched to the 3400 block of West 32nd Street for a vehicle accident.  Crews arrived on location and found that a passenger vehicle has struck the rear corner of a commercial box truck.  MPS handled patient care while the 474 crew handled debris and Fire Police handled traffic duties.

Local Contractor Hits Underground Gas Line Causing Leak

Wednesday, July 15th - This afternoon, WRFD was sent to the Westbury Ridge subdivision on a report of an active leak from an underground gas line.  Safety 2 arrived on location and reported that a local contractor had struck a 2" gas line underground.  Engine 474 along with EMA 1 arrived on location and stood by until the leak could be contained.  Fire Police shut down vehicle traffic from entering the subdivision due to the gas leak near the only entry/exit.


WRFD Holds Annual Water Rescue Refresher

Monday, July 13th - Tonight, members met at the Villa Maria pool for the annual water rescue refresher.  The evening started off by showing the dangers of wearing turnout gear near the water and what can happen if a person falls into a body of water with the gear on.  Crews then worked on the proper use of throw bags, how to setup a life ring line from shore to shore, how to package a person on a backboard, place that person in a floating stokes basket along with other various water rescue techniques.  Special thanks to Villa for allowing us to use their pool this evening.

Vehicle into the Building:  West 26th Street and Peninsula Drive

Saturday, July 4th - As the membership was preparing to take a group photo, WRFD and MPS were alerted to a vehicle into a building at the Burger King West 26th & Peninsula.  Engine 474 arrived on location and found 1 vehicle that had made intrusion into the building.  Crews inspected the building to make sure that the building was sound so that no persons would be in danger later on.  Crews remained on scene for around 40 minutes.

Millcreek Township Fourth of July Parade

Saturday, July 4th - Today, the Millcreek Township Fourth of July Parade celebrated 50 years.  West Ridge Fire Department was honored to be part of the celebration.  For many years now, WRFD has participated in this annual tradition.  The morning started off with a buffet breakfast prepared by the Auxiliary.  Afterwards, all of the apparatus proceeded down the West 12th Street to wait their turn to make it down the parade route.  As the apparatus was proceeding down the route, several people waved, said thank you and were treated to candy courtesy of WRFD.  Thank you to the Auxiliary for preparing the breakfast and to those members who took time of their holiday to participate.

Fourth of July Parade Cleanup

Monday, June 29th - Tonight, in preparation for the upcoming Millcreek Township, Lawrence Park Township and North East Cherry Fest parades, crews went to work on making the apparatus look incredibly.  Not only tonight, but for several days, members spent several hours cleaning out the cabinets, washing, waxing and detailing all the apparatus.  The membership showed awesome firehouse pride by taking so much time cleaning the apparatus.

Western Pennsylvania Fire Departments Pay Their Respects to Brother Firefighter

Thursday, June 25th - A fellow firefighter with the Belle Valley Fire Department, who was serving with the US Army, passed away a few days ago while training in Kentucky.  The firefighter's name was Kyle Swain.  On Thursday, Kyle's body was flown to the Pittsburgh International Airport.  At the airport, Allegheny County Police and Airport Firefighters assisted with pallbearer duties from the plane to the hearse.  As the procession was making their way towards Erie, fire departments from Allegheny County to Erie County were visible either on the side of the interstate or on the overpasses to pay their respect to Kyle and his family.  Multiple American flags and arches were also setup.  When the procession neared the Edinboro rest stop on Interstate 79, multiple Millcreek and Erie County Fire Departments joined in to escort Kyle and his family back home.  As the procession neared the funeral home, additional Erie County Fire Departments along with Erie City Fire Department and multiple EMS agencies were present to also pay their respect.  The procession then passed under an arch setup by the Belle Valley Fire Department.  On Friday, June 26th, Kyle's family, friends and fellow firefighters came together to celebrate Kyle's life.  The West Ridge Fire Department send their thoughts and prayers to Kyle's family, friends and to the Belle Valley Fire Department.   

Sunday Afternoon Vehicle Accident:  5000 block Sterrettania Road

Sunday, June 21st - This afternoon, WRFD and MPS were alerted for a vehicle accident in the 5000 block of Sterrettania Road.  Crews arrived on location and found 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage.  As crews were tending to patient care, the remaining crews went to work on traffic control and handling debris.  Once both vehicles were clear and the debris was removed, the roadway was opened back up fully after about 30 minutes.

Member Achieves Fire Instructor II and National EMT Registry Certification

Sunday, June 21st - Recently, Active Honorary Firefighter Jim Jones, Jr. earned his Fire Instructor II certification.  Jones, Jr. training for his Fire Instructor II certification was held at the National Air Force Fire Training Academy.  Jones, Jr. also recently passed the test to earn his National EMT Registry Certification.  Good job!!

Engine 474 Participates in Lake City FD Carnival Parade

Saturday, June 20th - This afternoon, Engine 474 traveled out to Lake City to participate in annual Lake City Fire Company Carnival parade.  Before the parade, came the judging portion.  A short time later, the engine made the way along the parade route through the town.  Several other fire departments from Erie and Crawford counties also participated in the parade.  After the parade, the crew made their way to the carnival grounds to enjoy some dinner and fellowship with other firefighters.  While over at the carnival, WRFD was awarded a trophy for best custom pumper and best commercial pumper.


Elks Lodge Donates Funds to WRFD

Monday, June 15th - At tonight's meeting, it was announced by President Lu Lawson that the Erie Elks Lodge #67 recently made a $1,500 donation to the West Ridge Fire Department.  The donation came from funds raised by the Elks from their small games of chance.  $1,000 of the donation will be put towards the new engine, which is currently under design.  The remaining $500 will be put towards WRFD operations.  Special thank you to the Elks Lodge for their generous donation. 

West 32nd Street and Zuck Road Vehicle Accident

Thursday, May 28th - During the early evening hours, WRFD and MPS were alerted for a vehicle accident at the intersection of West 32nd Street and Zuck Road.  Deputy Chief 471 arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate damage.  Engine 472 arrived on location and assisted Millcreek Paramedics with removing 1 of the drivers from a vehicle.  Afterwards, the crew went to work on handling fluids and debris while Fire Police handled traffic duties.

Rescue Assists Station 40 on Sterrettania Road

Saturday, May 23rd - This afternoon, Engine 474 was dispatched as a rescue to assist 40 (McKean) on a vehicle accident on Sterrettania Road just south of Interstate 90.  Engine 474, with 6 Volunteers, arrived on location and assisted with securing the vehicle while Fire Police handled scene safety and traffic control.  Engine 474 operated on scene for around 20 minutes.

Tower Goes to West Lake on Reported Structure Fire

Wednesday, May 20th - Tower 479 along with Engine 474 were dispatched to assist 48 (West Lake) on a reported structure fire at the Clarion Bel-Air Hotel this afternoon.  Tower 479 arrived on location, took position on the east side of the building.  First arriving crews on location reported no fire, but an odor of smoke in the building.  The Tower crew then went to the roof to assist crews already on the roof with checking the HVAC units.  With nothing found there, the crew then went inside to assist interior crews.  After searching for a bit, the odor of smoke was traced to an overhead light fixture that malfunctioned.

Afternoon Structure Fire on South Shore Drive

Wednesday, May 20th - Engine 474 along with companies from 48 (West Lake), 50 (Lake Shore), 82 (Erie Airport) responded to South Shore Drive in West Lake's first due for a residential structure fire.  Companies arrived on location and reported a working fire.  As the first crews were inside the structure, the evacuation tone was activated due to conditions becoming unsafe for interior crews.  The crew from 474 assisted with fire suppression along with overhaul and opening up.

Vehicle Accident:  4100 Block West Ridge Road

Monday, May 18th - This afternoon, WRFD and MPS were alerted for a vehicle accident in the 4100 block of West Ridge Road.  As companies were responding, ECDOPS advised that 1 of the vehicles had rolled over with possible ejection.  Millcreek Township 936 arrived on location, reported 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage with no ejection.  Engine 474 arrived no location and assisted with patient care along with handling fluids and debris.  Fire Police handled traffic duties.  Companies cleared the scene at the start of the afternoon rush hour.

WRFD Travels to Harrisburg Fire Expo to Gather Ideas

Sunday, May 17th - This past weekend, several members had the opportunity to attend the Harrisburg Fire Expo at the Farm Show Complex.  The expo is one of the largest expos in the country.  While at the expo, the members had a chance to tour various apparatus that was on display along with visiting the hundreds of vendors who were also there.  One of the goals of this weekend's trip was to gather ideas and to talk to people regarding the new engine that WRFD is currently in the beginning stages of designing.  Now with several ideas in mind, it is now time for the committee to take those ideas and put them into the new engine.  The new engine is tentatively scheduled to arrive at WRFD sometime by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

Engine 472 Responds to Trailer Fire in West Lake

Monday, May 11th - While crews were cleaning up from a night of engine company operations training, storms began to roll into the area.  At the same time, West Ridge was dispatched to assist West Lake on a trailer fire on Auditori Drive.  When the first crews arrived on location, they found a working fire inside a trailer at the entrance to the trailer park.  Engine 472, staffed with 6 Volunteers, arrived on location, pulled a attack line around to the rear of the trailer and began suppression and water supply operations.  As crews were working on extinguishing the fire, they also had to work around a large tree that had fallen on the same trailer.  As crews were working, Tower 479 and Engine 502 (Lake Shore) were dispatched to assist West Lake on a gas leak in the same trailer park.  Once this call was handled, the tower crew then assisted with operations.  Crews were able to have the fire knocked down within 45 minutes.  Photos courtesy of Bryan Franz.

WRFD Makes Donation to Local Fire Museum

Thursday, April 30th - This evening, representatives from the Firefighter's Historical Museum arrived at Station 46 to accept at $2,200 donation from the West Ridge Fire Department.  The donation was made possible by the fundraising efforts that took place during the 75th Anniversary Gala, which was held back in February.  WRFD President Lu Lawson, Fire Chief Dan Ouellet and members of the Gala planning committee presented the check to Secretary Mike Fahey from the museum.  Fahey stated that the funds would be used towards utilities and up keep of the museum.  If you are interested in visiting the museum, please visit their website by clicking on the following link...http://www.firefightershistoricalmuseum.com/

First Due Garage Fire on West 25th Street

Thursday, April 30th - This afternoon, units from 46, 48 Engine, 50 Engine and MPS were dispatched to the 3000 block of West 25th Street for a reported structure fire.  Engine 474 arrived on location and found a detached garage with smoke showing.  The crew then pulled an attack line, entered the garage, encountered moderate to heavy smoke conditions and had the fire extinguished quickly.  Tower 479 arrived on location and went to work on assisting the 479 crew and ventilation.  Additional manpower stood by on the scene or at the hydrant.  Companies remained on location for about 45 minutes.

Model Wooden Fire Truck Donated to WRFD

Monday, April 27th - This evening, while crews were working on supply line operations, Matt Wesmiller stopped by.  Matt is a past member of WRFD and is currently serving in the US Army.  Matt stopped by to present a model wooden fire truck that was built by his Grandfather Harold Wesmiller.  Thank you to Matt and Harold for the donation.  The truck will be displayed in the Board Room at Station 46.

Engine Company Operations:  Large Diameter Hose Operations

Monday, April 27th - This evening, the members continued on with the Engine Company Operations class.  For tonight's session, crews worked on large diameter hose operations drills.  The drills included working on a forward lay, dressing the hydrant and the fundamentals on large diameter hose.  After multiple evolutions, crews then worked on using the supply line when traversing down a large drive way or an alley way.  Crews also worked on using the deck gun and the Blitz Fire gun.  The training will continue next week with crews working on hand line operations.

WRFD Wins Fire Prevention Award

Monday, April 20th - At the recent Public Safety Awards, West Ridge FD was awarded 2nd place in the fire prevention category.  The fire prevention program at WRFD has always been very strong.  Fire Prevention Week at WRFD begins in September and doesn't end until around the middle of November.  Every year, the members at WRFD speak to around 2,000 school children throughout the first due.  Special thank you to Charlie and Pat Heffner who spend countless hours ordering materials, scheduling visits and everything else that is involved with the fire prevention program.

Saturday Morning Training

Saturday, April 18th - With the sun shining and warm temperatures in the area, some members took advantage of the warm weather to take Tower 479 out for some aerial training.  The crew worked on hitting the hydrant, setting up Tower 479 for aerial operations, flying the tower and flowing water.

Afternoon Oven Fire on Holiday Drive

Friday, April 3rd - Also, this afternoon, WRFD along with an engine from 50 (Lake Shore), an engine from 48 (West Lake) and MPS responded to Holiday Drive for a reported structure fire.  As companies were responding, Erie County 911 stated that an oven was on fire inside the residence.  Millcreek Township 936 arrived on location and reported light smoke in the structure.  Tower 479 arrived on location, pulled an attack line to the door and upon investigation, found that the fire had already been knocked down.  Crews from 479 along with Engine 474 then went to work on ventilating the building and removing the oven from the kitchen.  After the smoke was vented, companies began to clear the scene.


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