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Call Totals
2014 493
2013 1863
2012 1823
2011 1694






Acquired Structure Training Between WRFD & WLFD

Saturday, March 29th - Before the rain, sleet and snow began to fall, several members from West Ridge and West Lake met up for some afternoon training.  Recently, WRFD was given permission to use an abandoned structure down the street from Station 47 for training.  WRFD was also given permission by the owner to utilize the structure as they seem fit since the structure is going to be torn down shortly by the owner.  While at the structure, crews utilized a smoke machine to smoke up the house to work on hose line advancement.  Crews also worked on search techniques, wall breaching and aerial operations.  Special thanks to the owner of the structure for allowing WRFD & WLFD the opportunity to use the house for training purposes.  Photos courtesy of West Lake FD.

West Ridge FD & Greenfield FD Perform Ice Rescue Training with US Coast Guard

Sunday, March 23rd - This morning, members of the WRFD Water Rescue Team along with 3 members from the Greenfield FD traveled to the US Coast Guard Station Erie for ice rescue training.  The training began with a classroom session going over the various types of ice the rescuers will encounter along with the fundamentals of performing an ice rescue.  Afterwards, everyone headed over to Horseshoe Pond where everyone was taught how to self rescue themselves along with how to rescue an individual who has fallen through the ice.  In addition, the members from WRFD and GVFD got to see what equipment the USCG carries and the USCG had a chance to take a look at UTV 476 and what equipment is carried on T-477 and T-478.  Special thank to the US Coast Guard for assisting everyone in today's training.  Also, thanks to those from Greenfield FD who were able to attend.

Members Awarded Honorary Status

Friday, March 21st - Within the past few weeks, Brian Keinath and Scott Heidt were awarded Honorary Membership status by the West Ridge Fire Department.  Both Brian & Scott served WRFD and the Millcreek Township community for many years.  Both individuals both wore many different color helmets throughout their years of service.  A member who has 15 years of active status in good standing at WRFD can be awarded Honorary Membership status.  Congratulations to both Brian and Scott on their achievement.

Crews Respond to Assist Erie City Fire on Possible Water Rescue

Monday, March 17th - Today, Truck 477, Truck 478 along with UTV 476 responded with the Millcreek Dive & Water Rescue Team on a mutual aid assist to Erie City Fire.  Someone called 911 to report that an ice boat had flipped over and that the person on the boat did not resurface afterwards.  Crews responded to the Chestnut Street Pier, East Ave Pier and foot of Port Access Road as there was some confusion on exactly where the incident was taken place.  As the West Ridge companies were responding on the Bayfront Parkway, crews noticed that the incident was taking place in the bay near the Chestnut Street Pier.  Once on location, crews got the inflatable boat ready and prepared the UTV to enter the ice covered bay.  After crews were able to make contact with everyone on the ice, it was determined to be a false alarm.  The Millcreek Dive & Water Rescue Team consists of the West Ridge FD, West Lake FD, Lake Shore FD and Belle Valley FD.  The Water Rescue Team from Lake City FD also responded as well.

Sunday Night Chimney Fire

Sunday, March 2nd - This evening, crews from 46, 48, 44 and MPS were alerted for a reported chimney fire on East Boardwalk Place.  As companies were responding, ECDOPS reported that smoke and fire were visible from the chimney.  Engine 472 arrived on location and began to investigate.  The crew from 472 used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.  Tower 479 arrived on location and assisted 472 with checking for extension and ventilation.  Meanwhile, Engine 474 staged at the hydrant while Engine 482 and Engine 442 stayed in the front of the complex.  Crews operated on scene for less than an hour.

Sending Out Thoughts & Prayers to Fire Dept of Jersey City & Wallington, NJ FD

Saturday, March 1st - This weekend, the West Ridge Fire Department is sending their thoughts and prayers to the family of Captain Greg Barnas.  Captain Barnas was one of the instructors of the Truck Academy class that WRFD sponsored back in May 2012.  During the weekend class, all those in attendance had a great opportunity to speak to Captain Barnas.  Everyone also had the privilege to learn many new tactics and skills from him.  During Captain Barnas' visit, his training expertise was captured in many photos.  Click here to view the pictures of Barnas' teaching those in attendance at the Truck Academy. 

Vehicle Accident:  Passenger Car vs School Bus

Friday, February 28th - This morning, crews were dispatched for vehicle accident at the intersection of Hershey Road & Cottonwood Ave.  As Engine 474 and MPS were responding, Erie County 911 advised that 1 of the vehicles involved with a school bus.  Engine 474 arrived on location and assisted MPS with patient care.  The engine crew also worked on handling debris.  The scene was clear in about 20 minutes.

Rescue Engine Assists McKean FD with Extrication

Thursday, February 27th - At 8am this morning, West Ridge was dispatched for a rescue engine to assist McKean on a vehicle accident with entrapment at the intersection of Sterrettania Road & West Road in McKean Township.  As Engine 474 was responding to assist, heavy snow fall resulting in near white out conditions were taking place.  Engine 474 arrived on location and went to work putting the rescue tools into service on the passenger side.  While this was taking place, other crew members worked on getting the driver side door open.  After about 20 minutes, crews were able to get the driver side door open and then extricate the patients.  Crews operated on scene for around 40 minutes.

Saturday Afternoon Vehicle Crash:  Route 20 & Asbury Road

Saturday, February 22nd - This afternoon, crews were alerted for a vehicle accident at the intersection of Route 20 and Asbury Road.  First crews on location reported 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage.  Engine 474 arrived on location and the crew was split into 2, half of the crew assisting with patient care and the other half handled debris and fluids.  Fire Police handled traffic.  Crews cleared the scene within 30 minutes.

Tower 479 Special Called to Peach Street Fire in Kearsarge

Friday, February 14th - This morning, Tower 479 was special called by Assistant Chief 441 (Kearsarge) to assist crews on a working residential fire in the 4600 block of Peach Street.  Crews already on location had fire on the interior with heavy smoke showing from the exterior.  Tower 479, staffed with 5 Volunteers, arrived on location and split into 2 teams.  The first team assisted interior crews while the second team laddered the building and prepared for vertical ventilation.  Companies from 46 along with 44 (Kearsarge), 42 Rescue (Perry Hi-Way), 36 Engine (Belle Valley), 68 RIT (Kuhl Hose), 48 Engine (West Lake) and 11 Engine & 12 Engine (Erie City) operated on location for several hours.  As companies were on location, a mobile home fire was dispatched in the 5000 block of Zuck Road.  Crews on location there found a minor issue with the stove and reported no extension.  Special thanks to the Auxiliary from West Ridge and West Lake along with the American Red Cross for providing refreshments to the crews while on location.

West Ridge Participates In Annual Charity Hockey Game

Saturday, February 8th - Several members from WRFD today participated in the annual Guns & Hoses charity hockey game.  The hockey games puts local firefighters versus local law enforcement.  Participating from WRFD in today's game was John Sorge, Andy Kilmer and Rob Laufenberg.  During the game, John was even able to score a short handed goal!!  This game, now in its 4 year, raises money for a different charity every year.  Special thank you to all of the sponsors along with the Erie Otters hockey team for this support along with all those who attended today's game.  The final score Hoses 4, Guns 3.

Turnout Gear Relay at Erie Otters Game

Saturday, February 8th - This evening, several members had the opportunity to take in the Erie Otters hockey game.  During the first intermission, 4 members (Nate Fuller, Gerwhan Wells, Mike Fisher & Randy Myers), participated in a turnout gear relay.  At each station, every member had to put on a different piece of turnout gear.  After the turnout gear is on, the members then had to score a goal.  The sell out crowd really enjoyed the event!!!

Tower 479 Assists Fairview Fire On Residential Structure Fire on Franklin Ave

Saturday, February 1st - This afternoon, Tower 479 was dispatched as part of a first alarm assignment for a residential structure fire on Franklin Ave in Fairview Township.  The tower, which was fully staffed, responded and upon arriving on location, the crews broke into 2 teams.  The first team went to the roof above the garage area to perform vertical ventilation while the second team assisted interior crews.  Tower 479 operated on location for around 60 minutes.

Hazardous Materials Fire Sends Tower 479 to West Lake:  1606 Pittsburgh Avenue

Thursday, January 30th -  This morning, Tower 479 along with crews from West Lake, Erie City, Erie Airport and Millcreek Township responded to Safety-Kleen at 1606 Pittsburgh for a reported fire with explosion.  Heavy black smoke was visible for miles.  Chief 480 (West Lake) arrived on location and reported a large fire in a processing area next to 3 large storage tanks containing diesel fuel.  Engine 482 (West Lake) arrived on location and took position on the south side of the tanks. Crews did run into an issue with water supply initially due to dead hydrant in front of the building.  Once additional crews from Engine 483 (West Lake), Engine 11 (Erie City) and Unit 929 (Millcreek Township) arrived on location, additional water supplies were established at West 16th & Pittsburgh Ave and at other locations.  Tower 479 arrived on location and began to stretch lines for exposure protection. Crews attacked the fire with water and foam.  Crews were able to secure the product supply and this allowed the fire crews to gain control of the fire.  Train traffic was shut down during the duration of the incident due to the tracks running along the side of the incident.  Other agencies assisting on scene were Millcreek EMA, Erie City EMA, Erie County EMA, DEP, OSHA, Erie County Health Dept and Erie County HazMat.

Crews Respond to Vehicle Accident and Trailer Fire

Tuesday, January 28th - This afternoon, crews were alerted for a vehicle accident at the intersection of Grubb Road & Hershey Road.  Once on locations, crews found 3 vehicles involved with multiple patients.  Engine 472 arrived on location and assisted Millcreek Paramedics with patient care.  An ambulance from McKean (40) was special called to the scene to assist with patient transport.  Fire Police handled traffic duties and scene safety.  Companies also responded to West 11th Street & Clifton Ave to assist West Lake (48) on a trailer fire.  The first arriving Chief reported smoke showing from the trailer.  Engine 472 arrived on location, assumed 2nd due engine responsibilities and assisted 1st in crews with overhaul and wash down operations.  Fire Police assisted again with traffic duties at West 12th & Clifton Ave.

Hometown Hero:  Harold Horton

Monday, January 27th - Recently, Harold Horton, who has served in many capacities with the West Ridge Fire Department for over 50 years was featured on the Hometown Hero segment on WJET-TV 24 recently. Click here to view the segment.

Dive & Water Rescue Training Held At Villa Pool

Sunday, January 19th - This morning, members of the Dive & Water Rescue Team gathered at the Villa Maria pool to work on water rescue techniques.  During the 3 hour training sessions, members became familiar on how to place a victim on a floating stokes basket, how to pull a person into the new zodiac rescue boat, how to properly flip the new boat along with other various techniques.  The team has set a goal to hold a monthly training session so members have the opportunity to become very familiar with all of the skills needed.

2014 Officers

Fire Chief - Dan Ouellet
Assistant Chief - Jim Rosenbaum
Deputy Chief - John Sorge
Deputy Chief - Andy Kilmer
Captain - Shawn Simko
Captain - Jerry DeRosa
Captain - Jerry Hickin
Engine 472 Lieutenant - Michael Howard
Engine 474 Lieutenant - Jason Myers
Truck 477 Lieutenant - Matt Exley
Truck 478 Lieutenant - Matt Bell
Tower 479 Lieutenant - Scott Laskowski
Safety Officer - Charlie Heffner
Safety Officer - Gary Carver
Fire Police Captain - Jim Jones, Sr.
Fire Police Lieutenant - Lou Becker

President - Lucien Lawson
Vice President - Gary Carver
Secretary - Russ Moran
Treasurer - Bill Bridger

Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home Donate Water Pump to WRFD

Tuesday, January 14th - This afternoon, Jack Martin, Supervisor of the Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home along with Rick Dapplick presented Chief Dan Ouellet and President Lu Lawson with a brand new water pump.  The pump was donated to WRFD by Dusckas-Martin as a way of them saying thank you for the members of the West Ridge Fire Department for their countless hours of service to the Millcreek Township community.  The new brand will be used to pump out basements that fill with water or used as needed.  Thank you to the Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home for their generous donation.

Top Responders for 2013

Jim Jones, Sr - 451
Jerry DeRosa - 438
Jerry Hickin - 377
Rich Pietron - 297
Michael Howard - 296
Jim Rosenbaum - 281
Rob Hornaman - 280
Charlie Heffner - 260
Beau Beach - 254
Lu Lawson - 245

Another Busy Day for the Volunteers

Wednesday, January 8th - With over a dozen calls throughout the day, the Volunteers at WRFD have been kept busy.  Throughout the day, Volunteers were dispatched to the following calls:

04:11 - EMS
07:56 - Fire Alarm
08:27 - Fire Alarm
11:00 - Fire Alarm
11:18 - Fire Alarm
11:52 - EMS
12:39 - Reported structure fire
12:51 - EMS
14:34 - Fire Alarm
14:48 - EMS
15:39 - Fire Alarm
15:42 - Electrical Hazard
16:59 - Fire Alarm
19:14 - EMS

First 3 Days of 2014 Keeping the Volunteers Busy

Friday, January 3rd - The first 3 days of 2014 have been a busy time for the Volunteers at the West Ridge Fire Department.  Volunteers have also had to deal with extremely cold temperatures and snow that never seems to end.  On January 1st, only 3 calls were dispatched.  However, January 2nd was the busiest of the 3 days with a total of 16 calls ranging from several EMS calls to a reported structure fire, CO alarm, fire alarm, and mutual aid assist on 2 reported structure fires.  During the morning on January 3rd, WRFD was dispatched to assist Station 40 (McKean) on 2 separate vehicle accidents on Interstate 90 along with a mutual aid assist on a structure fire and smoke in the structure to Station 48 (West Lake) later in the day.

Engine 474 Responds to Interstate 90 Exit 18 to Assist McKean FD

Friday, January 3rd - This morning at 08:52, Engine 474 responded to Interstate 90 Exit 18 to assist Station 40 (McKean) on a vehicle accident.  Engine 474 arrived on location and found a vehicle on its side facing eastbound in the westbound lane.  Crews went to work first stabilizing the vehicle, removed the back window and assisted crews already on scene with assisting the driver out of the vehicle.  Meanwhile, Fire Police handled traffic duties and lane closures while companies operated on scene.  At the time of the wreck, the area had just experienced heavy snow over the past few days, resulting in several inches of new and drifting snow around the vehicle.

Tower 479, Fully Staffed, Assists Fairview on House Fire

Monday, December 30th - This afternoon at 12:40pm, Tower 479 was dispatched as part of the 1st alarm assignment to assist 52 (Fairview), 54 (Girard), 50 (Lake Shore) and 60 RIT (Cranesville) on a residential house fire.  First arriving crews arrived on location and found heavy fire and smoke showing.  Crews then stretched multiple hand lines into the structure.  Tower 479, fully staffed with 6 Volunteers, arrived on location and was tasked with venting the roof and interior overhaul.  Tower 479 operated on location for over 60 minutes.

Crews Put Rescue Tool Into Service on Vehicle Accident

Sunday, December 15th - This afternoon as the snow continued to fall, units were alerted to a vehicle accident in the 4800 block of West Ridge Road.  As companies were responding, ECDOPS stated that there were multiple patients.  Assistant Chief 501 (Lake Shore) arrived on location, reported 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage, confirming multiple patients and entrapment on one of the vehicles.  Engine 474 arrived on location, deployed the rescue tools and went to work extricating the passenger from the tan vehicle.  Crews had the patient extricated within 10 minutes.  Millcreek Paramedics transported multiple patients to local hospitals.  Fire Police shut down West Ridge Road east bound from West 23rd Street to Asbury Road.

Former Lieutenant Graduates from the Fire Academy

Friday, December 7th - Congratulations to Bobby McCarthy (third in from the left) on his recent graduation from the Charleston, SC Fire Academy. Bobby started his firefighting career as a Junior Firefighter at WRFD. Bobby then moved up the ranks to become a Firefighter and then onto Lieutenant on Engine 474. Bobby is pictured below with the rest of the "Erie Boys" who currently serve with fire departments in the Charleston area. All of the guys pictured got their start as firefighters at either West Ridge or West Lake. Congratulations Bobby!!!!

Tower 479 Goes to Building Fire in Lake Shore

Wednesday, December 4th - This afternoon, Tower 479 along with companies from 50, 52, 56, 54, 48, 44 and 82 responded to a building fire on Woodside Drive.  Crews arrived on location and found a working fire inside an automotive business.  While on location, the Tower crew assisted with fire ground operations.  Fire Police on scene assisted with traffic duties.  Photo courtesy of Lake City Fire Company.

Rescue Tool Put Into Service On Vehicle Accident: 5400 block West 38th Street

Sunday, November 24th - As crews were washing down the apparatus from the previous call, the tones were dropped for a vehicle accident in the 5400 block of West 38th Street. Fire Police arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage. Engine 472 arrived on location and right away put the rescue tools into service. Engine 474 arrived on location and went to work assisting the 472 with removing the driver side door. Crews had the door removed within a matter of minutes. Afterwards, crews assisted MPS with patient packaging. The engine companies cleared the scene about 30 minutes later while Fire Police remained on location until both vehicles were removed.

High Tensions Lines Cause Electrical Hazard, Warming Shelter Opened As A Result

Sunday, November 24th - This morning, units from 46 were dispatched to West 38th & Sterrettania for a report of a transformer fire. As companies were responding, ECDOPS reported receiving multiple calls. Fire Police 4601 arrived on location and reported high tensions lines with an active electrical hazard 1 block north of the intersection. Due to the lines still highly energized, Sterrettania Road was shut down from West 32nd to West 38th. Engine 472 and Engine 474 along with Fire Police arrived on location and stood by until the power to the  lines was cut and the scene was deemed safe. Companies remained on scene for around 75 minutes.  Due to the weather conditions and the length of time for repairs to be made, Station 47 was opened as a warming shelter for those residences who needed a warm place to stay.

Volunteers from 3 Fire Companies Respond to Kitchen Fire

Friday, November 22nd - This afternoon at 3pm, companies from 46, 44, 48 were dispatched to West 42nd Street for a report of a kitchen fire. Fire Police 4601 arrived on location and reported a working kitchen fire. Assistant Chief 441 arrived on location and reported that the fire was knocked down and only ventilation and opening up would be needed. Crews from Engine 442, Engine 472 and Tower 479 arrived on location and went to work removing the stove and microwave and checking for any extension. As companies were operating on scene, a fire alarm was dispatched at a nearby elementary school. Engine 472 along with Engine 482 and responded, investigated and found it to be a false alarm.

Celebrating 73 Years of Service

Friday, November 8th - This evening, members, honorary members and invited guests gathered at Union Station to celebrate 73 years of service by the West Ridge Fire Department. The evening began with a cocktail hour were entertainment was provided by The Riffriders. After a wonderful buffet dinner, several awards were presented. The awards were presented to:  Shawn Simko - 10 years of service, John Sorge - 25 years of service, Scott Laskowski - 30 years of service, Charlie Heffner - 40 years of service, Jim Jones, Sr. - 45 years of service, Gil Keinath - Honored for 55 years of service, Beau Beach - Rookie of the Year, Randy Myers - Junior Firefighter of the Year, Lu Lawson - Firefighter of the Year and Charlie & Pat Heffner - President's Award.  The past Fire Chiefs along with the Honorary Members were also recognized by those in attendance. A special recognition went to those in attendance who have or were currently serving in the Armed Forces. After the awards ceremony, many people hit the dance floor and / or enjoyed the fellowship of all those in attendance. A good time was enjoyed indeed. Specials thanks to Stations 48, 44 and 50 for providing coverage of the first due so the membership could enjoy an evening off.       

Monday Evening Structure Fire on Grubb Road

Monday, October 28th - This evening, 46 along with 48 Engine, 50 Engine and Millcreek Paramedics responded to the 5100 block of Grubb Road for a reported structure fire. Crews had just completed their weekly training drills and were on the road in short order. Engine 472, along with Deputy Chief 471 arrived on location and reported a working fire in a detached garage behind the residence. Attack lines were put into service and crews were able to knock down the fire quickly. Afterwards, crews went to work on overhaul and opening up. Grubb Road was shut down during the duration of the call. Crews cleared the scene around 11:30pm. DC 471 had the Grubb Road command.

Volunteers Learn Dynamics of Motor Carrier Enforcement from PSP

Monday, October 28th - At tonight's drill, Volunteers had a chance to become familiar with the duties of the Pennsylvania Motor Carrier Enforcement Division along with the dynamics of commercial and over the road transportation vehicles. The Troopers discussed what they daily duties require along with what they look for during an inspection and what a driver of a commercial vehicle can be ticketed for. They also discussed the types of materials that are transported over the local interstates and the hazards that could come with them. Afterwards, crews gathered out in the truck bay to put Engine 472 on the portable scales that are carried around by the Motor Carrier Enforcement Division.

Engine 474 Assists West Lake on a Building Fire

Tuesday, October 22nd - This evening, Engine 474 was dispatched to assist West Lake (48) on a building fire in the 900 block of Wyoming Avenue. As crews were responding, ECDOPS reported possible entrapment. Assistant Chief 481 arrived on location and reported smoke showing from the structure. Engine 474, with a crew of 5 Volunteers, arrived on location and went to work assisting the first in crews and establishing a water supply. Once the fire was knocked down, 474 assisted with overhaul and opening up. Engine 474 cleared the scene just before 9pm.

Rescue Tool Put To Work During Morning Vehicle Accident

Wednesday, October 16th - As members from West Ridge and Kearsarge were in the middle of a fire prevention talk at a local elementary school, the tones were dropped for a vehicle accident with possible entrapment in the 4500 block of West Ridge Road. Engine 474 along with Rescue 444 then hit the streets almost immediately. As crews were responding, MPS reported that the driver side door on one of the vehicles would need to be removed. The Engine and Rescue arrived on location, stabilized the vehicle and went to work on removing the door. Once the door the removed, crews assisted MPS with patient care. Meanwhile, Fire Police handled traffic duties. Crews cleared the scene around 30 minutes later.

Medical Local Turns Into Confine Space Rescue

Tuesday, October 15th - This evening, Truck 477 and MPS responded to the Amherst Road for an EMS call. Once crews arrived on location and saw what had taken place, Deputy Chief 471 upgraded the box to a confined space rescue and special called Rescue 444 from Kearsarge to respond with their air bags. When a person was on the front porch, the cement slab gave way, resulting in him and the slab falling around 8 feel down into a trench. When Rescue 444 arrived on location, crews on scene went to work in stabilizing the concrete slab and removing the person from the trench. It was estimated that the concrete slab weighed around 500 pounds. The patient was transported by MPS to a local hospital.

Tower 479 Responds To Fairview Building Fire

Saturday, October 12th - This afternoon, Tower 479 was dispatched on a 1st alarm assignment to assist Fairview (52) on a commercial building fire on West Ridge Road. First crews on location reported smoke and fire showing from the structure. Tower 479 arrived on location, setup on the east side of the building, put the aerial up in the air and crews went to the roof. While on location, the crew from 479 assisted with fire ground operations. Other companies on locations included Girard (54), Lake Shore (50), West Lake (48), Cranesville (60) and West County Paramedics.

West 26th Street & Yoder Drive Vehicle Accident

Thursday, October 11th - As crews were at the fire station cleaning up from the previous fire, the tones were dropped for a vehicle accident at West 26th & Yoder Drive, down the street from the firehouse. Crews arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate damage. Crews handled traffic along with fluids & debris.

Engine Responds to West Lake Building Fire

Thursday, October 11th - During the afternoon, WRFD was dispatched to assist 48 (West Lake) on a residential structure fire in the 2700 block of West 14th Street. Assistant Chief 461 arrived on location and reported smoke showing from the 1st floor. Engine 472 arrived on location and assumed first due responsibilities. The crew extended an attack line through the front door and found fire to the left extending to the wall. Crews from 48 arrived on location, pulled a back up line, assisted with suppression and performed a search of the residence. Crews had the fire knocked down very quickly. The cause is under investigation.

Vehicle Accident:  Route 20 & Millfair Road

Monday, October 7th - This afternoon, units were alerted for a vehicle accident at West Ridge Road & Millfair Road. This is a familiar intersection to WRFD due to the numerous accidents that have taken place over the years. Fire Police 4601 arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate to heavy damage. Engine 474 arrived on location and went to work assisting with patient care and handling fluids & debris while Fire Police handled traffic duties. MPS transported the driver from one of the vehicles to a local hospital.

UTV 476 Assists Edinboro FD With EUP Homecoming Activities

Saturday, October 5th - This morning, Truck 477, UTV 476 and the Special Operations Trailer traveled down to Edinboro FD (Station 38) to assist them with Edinboro University Homecoming activities. After arriving at Station 38 and getting our assignment. UTV 476, staffed with 2 Volunteers, made their way over to the EUP campus. Once on campus, 476 along with 56 Mule from the Lake City FD, patrolled the 500+ acre campus area in the event that a medical emergency took place. While patrolling the campus, the crews had an opportunity to view the various units participating in the homecoming parade, which also included Engine 19, as well to become familiar with the layout of the campus. After the parade ended and crews made their way back to the firehouse, everyone made their way over to the front lawn along Meadville Street to enjoy lunch. Thank you to Edinboro FD for the invite and being able to assist them with the homecoming festivities.

Engine 474 Participates in Kmart Safety Day

Saturday, October 5th - As crews were down in Edinboro assisting the fire department, Engine 474 participated in a Safety Day at a local Kmart. While on display, the public had the chance to tour the engine, view the various equipment carried, pick up some fire prevention material and speak to the crew.

Evening Hour Vehicle Accident

Wednesday, October 2nd - As Engine 474 was returning from a mutual aid assist to McKean, the tones were dropped for vehicle accident at West 38th & Hampshire Road. Engine 474 arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate damage. The crew then assisted with patient care and handling debris.

Morning Vehicle Accident on Thomas Road

Monday, September 30th - This morning, units were alerted for a vehicle accident on Thomas Road south of Asbury Elementary School. Units arrived on location and found 2 vehicles with minor to moderate damage. As MPS was tending to patient care, the crew from Engine 474 handled fluid and debris.

Sunday Afternoon Vehicle Accident

Sunday, September 29th - This afternoon shortly before 1pm, units were alerted for a vehicle accident at the intersection of West 32nd and Amherst Road. Captain 2 arrived on location and reported 2 vehicles with moderate damage One of the vehicles was also found that it rolled over after impact. MPS arrived on location and handled patient care while crews from E474 and T477 handled debris. Fire Police handled traffic duties. Companies cleared the scene within 30 minutes.

West Ridge FD Attends Neighboring Fire Department's Open Houses

Saturday, September 28th - Today as well on September 21st, West Ridge FD supported 2 of our mutual aid fire departments by participating in their open houses. On the 21st, UTV 476, Truck 477 and the Special Operations Trailer traveled to Lake Shore FD. While on display, many people were very interested in the functions and capabilities of 476. Then today, Truck 478 traveled over to participate in Kearsarge's open house. Many people had the chance to walk through 478 and ask questions on what WRFD uses the truck for. The mascot of the Erie Seawolves C-Wolf even had an opportunity to get in the driver's seat!!!!

Early Morning Structure Fire

Thursday, September 12th - Shortly after 2am, crews were dispatched for a reported structure fire at 5426 Old Sterrettania Road. Chief 460 arrived on location and reported a 2 story residential structure with heavy fire showing from the back of the house. The first companies on scene arrived on location and began to pull attack lines while additional companies established a water supply. Crews remained on scene for several hours.

Local Fire Department Remember September 11th

Wednesday, September 11th - This evening and for the past several years, the Millcreek Township Fire Departments have gathered at West 12th & Peninsula to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. The aerial ladders from Tower 479 and Ladder 489 were raised to represent the World Trade Center Towers. Flying between the 2 ladders with a gigantic American flag that was visible from blocks away. During the evening, WRFD Chaplain Russ Moran lead everyone in a prayer of remembrance. Throughout the evening, hundreds of people stopped by to say thank to the Fire Departments, to see the flag, to take pictures and to tour the apparatus on display. A special thank you to the local restaurants who offered food to the fire departments.


West Ridge Fire Department     3142 West 26th Street     Erie, PA 16506     (814) 833-4440     info@westridgefire.org