2017 Barber Center "Beast On The Bay"

Monday, Sep. 11, 2017

Deputy Chief James Rosenbaum, Firefighter Jerry Penna and Junior Firefighters Cole Wade and Connor Rosenbaum manned the ARGO 8X8 in case of any rough terrain illnesses or injuries occurring to the participants.  As you can see from the pictures, this 10 mile course took the runners through some very swampy areas, and also required them to complete many man-made obstacles too !  We would also like to congratulate our Brothers from West Lake Fire Department (Station 48), Lt. Dennis Albrewczynski and his son, Junior Firefighter Joe Albrewczynski for completing this grueling 10 mile test of their endurance !  Of special note is an unknown Firefighter from the Greensburg Fire Department.  This BEAST has competed in this run in full turn-outs for the past two years !  He is pictured standing between Firefighter Penna and Junior Firefighter Cole Wade.  I have reached out to their Chief so that the name of this Firefighter can be captioned.