Swift Water Rescue on Walnut Creek

Sunday, Jun. 3, 2018
Water 1

On Sunday June 3rd., 2018 the West Ridge Fire Department was dispatched to a remote location on Walnut Creek for a report of several hikers that had become stranded in rapidly rising waters.  Members of West Ridge arrived first and discovered that all but one hiker had made it safely to shore.  There was one hiker who remained trapped on a small ledge and could not make it to land without falling into the rapidly moving water. Members of West Ridge were able to drop a PFD (personal flotation device, or life vest) to this individual so that he would have a measure of safety if he were to fall into these waters.

The Lake Shore Fore Department and the Lake City Fire Company swift-water rescue teams had been requested by Chief 470 upon dispatch.  Members of these teams arrived and were able to successfully bring this person back to shore.  None of the hikers suffered any injury and they departed the scene shortly after their rescue. West Ridge was assisted by: Millcreek Police Department, Millcreek Emergency Management, Millcreek Paramedic Service, Lake Shore Fire Department, and the Lake City Fire Company.