Impaired Drive Awareness -Mock Scenario- For McDowell High School Juniors and Seniors

Tuesday, May. 22, 2018
Impaired Driving Flyer 2018

During the afternoon on May 25th West Ridge Fire Department, along with Millcreek Police Department, Millcreek Paramedic Service, Erie County Coroner’s Office, Millcreek Township Office of Emergency Management, and the Millcreek School District will be conducting two mock motor vehicle accidents. The accidents will take place in the parking lot between McDowell High School and the Intermediate school off of Caughey Rd.

The intent of this demonstration is to create an awareness amongst high school students to the dangers and potential negative effects of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The crash will involve 4-6 moulaged student actors. They will be split between 2 vehicles with patients displaying multiple injuries, one fatality and one driver under the influence of alcohol.  Students will witness first-hand the outcome of student actors involved in the accident and the roles and responsibilities of all the different agencies in such a situation.