ARGO Assists with Fairview Fire Department Rescue

Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020

This afternoon West Ridge was dispatched to assist the Fairview Fire Dept in a Search & Rescue operation. There were reports of a stranded fishermen on the bank of swollen Elk Creek. The fisherman had arrived early on the morning of 2/18/2020 and had been at various locations along Elk Creek for most of the day. While returning to his car he discovered that the creek level had risen enough so that he could not safely cross it and return to his car.  This left the unfortunate angler with only one choice, which was to walk five plus miles in order to return to his vehicle. This delay would have likely caused him to be traversing these woods well beyond dark and he was not equipped for such a thing.  Utilizing the 8X8 ARGO rescue vehicle, this man was quickly located and returned to the opposite side of the stream and was transported back to his vehicle by a West County Paramedic Association ambulance. To learn more about the capabilities of the ARGO 8X8 and to see it in some action please visit this site ARGO in Action and for a video recorded by a local television station on the delivery of West Ridge's article please click this link, the local video begins at the 4:44 mark West Ridge ARGO 8X8, seen at the 4:44 min mark