2019 Active and Associate Fire Department Officers

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019
2019 Swearing In

The 2019 association and active officers were sworn in this evening at the Elks Club on Peninsula Drive as part of our annual installation dinner. Special thank you Millcreek Township Supervisor John Groh for swearing in our newly elected and appointed officers.

Chief Officers: 

Chief 460: Jerry DeRosa 

Assistant Chief 461: Jim Rosenbaum  

Deputy Chief 470: Dan Ouellet


46C1 Jerry Hickin 

46C2 Andy Kilmer 

46C3 Beau Beach


47L2  Rob Gilbert 

47L4  Brad Jacobson  

47L7  Ryan Roesch

Safety Officers: 

46S1  Gary Carver 

46S2  Charlie Heffner

Fire Police Officers: 

Fire Police Captain 4601  Jim Jones, Sr. 

Fire Police Lieutenant 4602  Lou Becker

Active Secretary: Rob Laufenberg

Quartermasters: Russ Moran and Jerry Lauer

Association Officers: 

President  Gary Carver 

Vice President  Lucien Lawson 

Secretary: Russ Moran 

Treasurer: Bill Bridger

Board of Directors (3 year term): 

Dan Ouellet

Beau Beach 

James Rosenbaum

Relief Association Board (3 year term): Rob Gilbert and Russ Moran