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Dive Team

The West Ridge Fire Department is part of the Millcreek Township Dive Team.  Other fire departments that comprise the Millcreek Township Dive Team are the West Lake FD, Lake Shore FD and Belle Valley FD.  To join the team, a prospective diver must complete a 30 hour class, receive all certifications that are required by the Dive Team and perform several practice dives.  In addition, the Dive Team meets on a regular basis to perform several practice dives throughout the area.  Those members who are not certified divers also respond with the Dive Team to assist with shore support. 

An asset that is available to the Dive Team is Fire Boat 509, which is operated by the Lake Shore Fire Department.  Fire Boat 509 is docked at Walnut Creek Access and has been utilized in the past.   

The Dive Team is also available to respond outside Millcreek Township on a mutual aid basis when requested.  When the Dive Team is dispatched, WRFD responds with UTV 476, Truck 477 and Truck 478.

Divers:  Jim Rosenbaum, Jason Myers, Matt Bell, Jerry Penna, Matt Exley


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